how is software defined infrastructure related to devops?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

I'm a new developer who is picking up python. I'm currently writing code using python's asyncio or twisted framework to automate the setup of some raspberry pi and servers I got 2nd hand (xen, hyper-v) using SSH, I tried ansible but I prefer writing my own code for learning.

does this fit into software defined infrastructure? if I setup automate deployment of code, is this considered devops?

additionally, I hope to enquire if my intended workflow is considered "devops"?

  • gitlabs
  • automated code testing (tox/travis ci)
  • automated deployment of code to raspberry pi


If you prefer, you can also use Salt Stack and ansible which both are based on python. I assume you don't write all your own libraries and will use existing libraries where possible. Why wouldn't you do the same with your configuration management/automation system? Reinventing the wheel every time is ill-advised. And this is a *big* wheel. "I've laid down some gravel in my backyard to make a path. Is that considered infrastructure and can I apply for a federal grant? I don't like to use the industry standard wheelbarrow to carry gravel, but I prefer to make a makeshift one from my son's toy car. Can I call myself a civil engineer?" What are you trying to achieve? Learn a trade? Make a DIY project? Get skilled at the use of buzzwords? It is not exactly clear from your question.