how good are azure containers as jenkins agents? [time of execution/stability/price]

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

I am migrating on-premise Jenkins to Azure Cloud. I use Jenkins to build software, build takes usually about 8 GB of RAM and uses both Windows and Linux VMs as nodes.

What is better solution in Azure for the jenkins nodes:

  • Kubernetes pods (AKS) - hybrid Linux-Windows cluster
  • Azure Container Instances as a Jenkins build agent

I am asking as I am quite new to Azure.


Hi! It's not clear to me what you need to optimise in order to answer the question "how good". Could you update the question to reflect which metrics are important, and what your targets for these metrics would be? Hi Bruce, What I mean is what is better solution, given above conditions. Better in scope of price/stability/time of execution of builds. I have used kubernetes but I have no idea if Azure Containers are any good as I dont know them. If they are burstable and not available for a period of time it is certainly a no go.