How exactly does Kubernetes work?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

I understand how containers work and the concept of containerizing.

However, I am having trouble understanding how Container Cluster Managers work. I was reading through this excellent blog post, which blew my mind about Kubernetes.

So, I wanted to know how exactly do these systems like Kubernetes, Docker, etc work? I tried reading this Wikipedia article, but I wanted a much more basic-level explanation.

Are these similar to how Zoo-Keeper work? (like the Master-Worker architecture)?


If you are interested in learning about Kubernetes architecture, here are the design docs: If you have specific questions after your read the docs, please feel free to ask in their forums. If there is something specific you feel should be asked here, I would suggest to at least used the terminology from those docs. you may want to try asking this at the K8s slack channel as well.