How does Environment Management work in a DevOps world?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

I've had some very interesting conversations today about the role of Environment Management within teams that follow DevOps practices. The traditional role of an Environment Manager was someone who:

Took overall responsibility for coordinating multiple teams and components at all stages of the software development life cycle, SDLC, to ensure that a known sets of software versions are delivered and available in a timely manner.

It is my belief that in a cross-functional Agile team following DevOps practices these responsibilities belong to the team as a whole, ultimately being accountable to the Product Owner as the representative of the business.

In short, my question is who is... responsible for Environment Management in a team following DevOps practices, i.e., one that does not have an external Environment Manager function available to them.


Wow! There's a role for environment managing too? @Dawny33 usually assumed by ops team responsible of delivery of new software versions. The job description (= what you quoted) of this Environment Manager sounds pretty similar to a Release Manager, no? If not could you explain what, in your opinion, the difference between both roles is? @Pierre.Vriens Wouldn't a RM be responsible for only one release at a time? Generally, yes, Release Managers are responsible for managing the release process from a release-centric view of the world, i.e. have all of the dependencies been released into production in the correct order, release notes have been written, business communication has been issued, marketing collateral has been delivered. Environment Management is more about the ongoing state of all of the environments. Equally there tend's not to be Release Managers in Agile teams the responsibility becomes defused within the team as part of preparing a release at the end of sprints/super sprints. @DanCornilescu : looks like you have another perception of a RM as compared to mine ... IMO a RM is the mgr of a Release Management TEAM, which consists of X users, and all they do, all year around, it to orchestrate of subsequent releases of various types (such as business apps versus infrastructure updates) I think th last comment from @RichardSlater should be integrated in the question (+ add 'agile team' in the title also?) ... @Pierre.Vriens Yep, another item highly dependent on the organisation. @RichardSlater in general it's recommended to accompany a quote with a link indicating its origin, if available. I tried to find it to get more context, but Google didn't help :) Thx.