How do we move to a modern CICD approach

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

This may also be a general pulse; but here lies the issue

We use EKS, we have Jenkins, we have Ansible, we have Terraform, we have BitBucket; but none of these really form a pipeline and I'm stuck with answering; do we need more (FluxCD/AgroCD/ etc... or what we have is enough and it's simply about stringing these things together.

Currently, Jenkins really just does mostly app deployment stuff of business app for our devs; but if I wanted to deploy like Fluentd to our clusters or pod security policies, it'll usually require me to manually deploy it.

Really trying to think of a modern CICD approach with security as the forefront, most of our usescases is deploying stuff to kubernetes; but that is not all of our usecase (some scragglers like firewall automation)


It seems to me you are dealing with an operational environment which has changes made to it _outside_ of the usuall application delivery pipeline. Instead of adding or worrying about tools, can you try to describe what _processes_ you feel are missing?