How do I hire a good DevOps, fitting my company?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

Good developers should fit rule 11 of the Joel Test:

Do new candidates write code during their interview?

However, I know little to nothing about Docker containers, how to configure Jenkins or AWS, etc. What would be a good way to test if the person who applies can manage such tasks?

Sub-questions: I believe that a good devops employee can configure the build chain once and it should work from then on out. Can I then also expect him or her to be a developer in the company (DEVops)? As DevOps is a relatively "new" job, is it maybe better for small companies to share a devops employee or hire him or her as a freelancer whenever you need him or her?

enter image description here My confusion about the term originates from job offers like this, even here on stackexchange (= link where above screenprint was taken from).

I found this helpful, but possible opinionated article you might want to read if you stumble on this question:


As DevOps is not a role (its a buzzword as such), you're hiring a modern sysadmin according to your description. I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because DevOps is not a role/job position I agree on that part, but in the past it was easier to get away without continuous integration, but nowadays it really is a necessaty That just mean the job of a Sysadmin has evolved, it is not exactly the same in a DevOps organization than a silo based one. But you're still after a sysadmin, not after a DevOps. I really can't support this buzz of DevOps is a role on this site. Maybe if wording it as "How do I ensure a Sysadmin candidate is good fit in my DevOps organization ?" that would be a better idea. But read my answer to the question linked in my second comment, that should give a start of answer to your questions. @Tensibal I agree with you but I am also tempted to leave this question open as it can help to clarify this misconception – and we can expect to see this question coming again and again and again and again. @MichaelGrünewald Add an answer clarifying this. If upvoted it will prevent the question from dissapearing, even if closed. Best of both worlds: clarifies the issue & remains visible as off-topic for the site, helping prevent future such questions (which could be duplicated to it) @DanCornilescu I was not aware of this, I will do this right away! @Tensibai FWIW, I don't think we should ever close a question on the basis that "DevOps is not a role." Every question where this confusion is evident is an opportunity to clarify. The answer to the question should include a clarification to that effect, and a link to that question. If we close questions just because they confuse the DevOps term, we will alienate new users and miss the opportunity to clarify. "***If it doesn't work according to the documentation, then change the documentation!***". I mean can't we somehow adapt what DevOps.SE is about? I.e. (of course) what DevOps is really about, but also those topics that people (incorrectly) assume to be DevOps, something like "and also misconceptions about DevOps" (the documentation fix could be that easy ...). @Dave I disagree as guessing what's the Op put under devops is just... a guess... I'd prefer to close, let the OP edit to clarify and reopen. @ThomasMoors thank you for including the image (hope it's ok I added the actual link to it also). By accident the job offer is in my language. So I did review that job itself. About the only DevOps related item in it are (1) the DevOps in the job title and (2) "ontwikkelstraat opzetten" (literal translation = creation of a street to perform development). Really interesting requirements (no I did not apply yet). But it seems like the perfect candidate only needs to know what DevOps means, and should also have some idea of what "ontwikkelstraat" could mean (nobody will understand that anyway). @Pierre.Vriens I'm also Dutch and altough you are correct, this is just the very first hit for DevOps I could find. Unrelated: ontwikkelstraat will without a doubt mean continuous integration / a workflow for writing code -> integrating code (delivering it to the users). However I agree they should not create their own slang / translate it this way. "ontwikkelstraat" = CI, how funny those Dutch guys over there (they can be very creative with terminology transation ... instead of just caling it "Continue Integratie" ..... yes that is also Dutch, or should I say rather Flemish?) ... PS: watch out that it doesn't end up in a traffic jam (a highway that looks like a parking lot) ... sorry for the joke ... Doei!