How do fail a Packer pipeline upon powershell provisioner pester test failure?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

I'm building a packer pipeline and having an issue in getting the failure of a powershell provisioner step to fail the packer job itself. This is important as without failing the Packer job, the AMI would be published, despite the test failure.

How I'm proceeding:

  1. Run provisioning setup steps
  2. Copy Pester Script to Remote machine
  3. Invoke inline powershell statement to Invoke-Pester
  4. Download the test results from the Pester remote run
  5. Next provisioning step parses the file to count errors and throws error upon issue count > 0

However, even with issue count being > 0 it is not causing the pipeline to fail. Additionally some errors thrown in other provisioner steps also fail to cause the Packer job to stop. I've set $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop' on one of them and it didn't seem to make any difference.

Here's part of the provisioning workflow for packer.

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Once this part is done it's followed by this step which is some logic from this blog post:

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The Get-TestResults.ps1 has the following function thanks to this article: Testing Packer Images with Pester written originally by Sam Cogan and modified slightly by me.

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I found one syntax issue when reworking through this, as the default Packer behavior per PowerShell's default behavior is $ErrorActionPreference = 'continue' . I set manually now at the top of all my scripts and also fixed a syntax issue on Get-TestResults and will see if it works correctly this time. Fingers crossed