How comes a GitLab CI/CD job cant find its artifacts?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

In the Open Source ventilator project, we aim to provide those who focus on testing with a ready-to-go flash file for the Arduino controller board.

While the binaries seem to be there, for some reason the CI job can't pickup the artifacts.

What is happening:

  • a CI/CD pipeline creates two files which can be listed using find
  • in the next step, this pipeline reports it can't find these artifacts. It says, "no matching files/no files to upload".

What's the error and how to fix/troubleshoot? Why does this job end up as successful?

CI job definition:

ERROR Rendering Code Block

Pipeline output:

ERROR Rendering Code Block


I assume the runner uses the root of the build dir. I would try - Open-Source-Ventilator/OpenSourceVentilator/osv-controller-uno.bin.hex