How can I transfer an Azure DevOps project from one organization to another?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

In my DevOps organization, I've created a project for a client with git repo assets, boards, pipelines, etc. I'd like to transfer the project ownership from my organization to my client's organization.

How can I do this?

It's easy enough to switch ownership for the entire organization under "Organization Settings." But that's not what I want. I am looking, however, for that same workflow (if it exists) for a single project. The project ultimately needs to show up in their Organization space instead of mine.

If this isn't as simple as switching organizational ownership, is the save data an option?

I read here that I can save project data. But, there are no instructions on re-importing that data elsewhere. Also, I get the impression that I'm not getting a full project.

After the project is transferred they need to be able to continue to use it as it functioned in my organizational space.


I am not 100% sure that there is an all-in-one move package. I know you can move the repo and export/import the pipelines. I would check if there are different components that you can try to export and import one by one like this: Link1 Link2