How can host-machines in a Swarm ping containers running on different hosts?

HOW TO -️ October 18, 2021

Consider the following scenario. I have a Docker swarm with 2 nodes, 1 manager and 1 worker. An overlay network has been created on the manager and a group of standalone containers have been attached to it. These containers can ping each other, can ping the Internet and can ping both the manager host and the worker host. Further, the manager host can ping the containers that are attached to the overlay network.

However, the worker node, which is part of the swarm but has no container running, can not ping the containers running on the manager, it leads to a name-resolution failure since it can not recognize the IP address of the container.

How to configure the swarm so that all hosts in the swarm can ping all containers attached to overlay networks in the swarm? (


how is the manager node attempting to ping a containers? I mean, the most effective way to get access to dockers software defined networks that docker attaches to containers, is to create a container and attach it to the network.