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Keyboard Logging Software

Author: Partition Recovery
Licence: Shareware
Price: $45

Keyboard logging software saves each typed keystrokes, characters, digits and special combination keys with alt shift ctrl and tab in a confidential log file and sends it to the specified administrator mail id in defined time interval. Keylogger tool secretly monitors all internet browsing, website URLs, links, web searches, web site pages, chat history, emails, login id password, screen snapshots, file transferred and running programs in a secret log file. Keystroke logger can be used at offices, companies as well as at your home to record computer access data activities specially kids. Surveillance utility runs in desktop background separately in hidden mode and not appears in start menu, add-remove programs, task manager and control panel. By using this product you are capable to know what was going on your computer in the duration of your absence by tracing activities of your staff, employees, spouse, family members and children’s. Keyboard monitoring tool is password protected and it is not detected by any of the antivirus scan so it can not be modified or changed by any unauthorized users.
* Stores each single activity of users.
* Provide simple and user friendly graphical user interface.
* Tool loads itself in invisible mode at startup and no one can search its location.
* Uses very few system resources for running in background.
* Keylogger saves accessed application name, status, session, date, time and drive in a log file and repetitively sends log report to the specified email id.
* Software is not appearing in start menu, task manager and control panel so no one can uninstall or delete it.
* It helps to recover some confidential information which may be corrupt, damage or lost due to application crash.
* Effectively runs under windows 98 ME NT 2K 2k3 XP Vista and Longhorn.

Keyboard Logging Software (screenshot)

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