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iTunes delete duplicates

Author: Duplicate finder
Licence: Shareware
Price: $32.9

If you have a large iTunes library it-s really easy to inadvertently gather duplicate songs. For example you recently attempted to integrate an old music collection with your current using iTunes. The problem is that you accidentally did this twice.
Now you have a large duplicate music taking up a huge amount of space on your hard drive, and you cannot manually remove the duplicate music because there is simply too much to do manually. Now you are looking for automated means to delete duplicate music.
Is there a program within iTunes to delete duplicates all files that are duplicated with the same track, artist, and album?
There is duplicate finder for helping you. The program is fast, easy in use and has handy interface. Duplicate finder does not delete your files without your permission. It will mark all duplicate files and folders in the list and you will give permission for removing them. After that they will be in recycle bin and you will come back them.
Duplicate finder will search duplicate files with help of several ways: by name, by size, by content. This program will be your best assistant and it will save your time. You should not find and delete duplicates in iTunes manually and spend your time for this routine task.
So if you need program for detecting duplicates based on file name, attribute, and size and content we recommend you have a look at duplicate finder.
We are sure that problem of duplicates in your iTunes will be solved by duplicate finder. You can study and try this program.

iTunes delete duplicates (screenshot)

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