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iTunes delete duplicates (screenshot)

iTunes delete duplicates

If you have a large iTunes library it-s really easy to inadvertently gather duplicate songs. For example you recently attempted to integrate an old music collection with your current using iTunes. The problem is that you accidentally did this twice.

Duplicate file finder (screenshot)

Duplicate file finder

In order to delete duplicate files in Windows you can use special program. You can actually create duplicate files by copying files from one folder to another. It is possible that applications can litter your hard disk with duplicate files.

Find duplicate email windows (screenshot)

Find duplicate email windows

Do you find duplicate email software? There are thousands of emails filtered into folders involved, so it is not a simple matter of just clicking delete on them. What happened? You have done some operation incorrect or you had server problems.

Image comparison program (screenshot)

Image comparison program

Do you have a lot of mp3 duplicates? Do you want to use mp3 compare software? Now mp3 duplicate deleting may be done in a very easy way. You can music duplicates with best award-winning image comparison program.

Duplicate email remover (screenshot)

Duplicate email remover

Maybe you are acquainted with the following episode. You had server problems and during that time you ended up with the same emails being sent over and over.

01 Delete duplicate files or Delete duplicate file (screenshot)

01 Delete duplicate files or Delete duplicate file 3.5

Program Clone Remover will be very useful if you need to remove duplicate files and delete duplicate files.

Outlook duplicate remover (screenshot)

Outlook duplicate remover

Duplicate emails, contacts, tasks take up space and can be cause for all kinds of errors and confusion. You have met this problem today. Outlook has much duplicate information.

Delete duplicates from iTunes (screenshot)

Delete duplicates from iTunes

Your iTunes library is too big because you have many duplicate songs. Is there a way to automate identifying and removing duplicate songs?

iDeduper Downloader Tool (screenshot)

iDeduper Downloader Tool 2.6

Free iDeduper is software to find and delete duplicate songs on iTunes faster. You can customize which tag to be compared and how similar are they. After search, you can use auto marking to automatically mark duplicate songs for deletion.

AllDup (screenshot)

AllDup 2.0.7

Scan multiple drives for duplicates files. Find and remove duplicate files of ANY type and free up hard disk space. The powerful search engine enables you to find duplicates with the following file criteria: name, extension, content, date, attributes