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Buy Excel Merge Cells to merge join and combine two or more cells in excel with dividers Software (screenshot)

Buy Excel Merge Cells to merge join and combine two or more cells in excel with dividers Software 9.0

ong>Excelong> Merge Cells to merge join and combine two ong>orong> mong>orong>e cells in ong>excelong> with dividers Software

Random Sorter for Microsoft Excel (screenshot)

Random Sorter for Microsoft Excel 1.0

With Random Song>orong>ter fong>orong> ong>Excelong> you can shuffle entire ong>rowsong>, ong>columnsong> ong>orong> individual cells in a selected range in ong>Excelong> 2000 - 2010. You can instantly get a random selection of your data by specifying the needed percentage ong>orong> exact number of entries.

ExcelDiff (screenshot)

ExcelDiff 2.23

DiffEngineX compares two ong>Excelong> wong>orong>kbooks by highlighting the cells that differ between them with colong>orong>. A cell-by-cell difference repong>orong>t is also generated in a new wong>orong>kbook. It can be used from its user interface ong>orong> the command prompt.

Remove Duplicates from Excel (screenshot)

Remove Duplicates from Excel 1.1.4

The add-on is designed fong>orong> searching and processing duplicates in ong>Excelong> tables. Program key functions: a search across ong>rowsong> ong>orong> ong>columnsong>; search across an entire table ong>orong> a specified range of cells; an oppong>orong>tunity to compare by values ong>orong> fong>orong>mulas.

Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel (screenshot)

Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel 2.6.6

Find and remove duplicates ong>orong> unique recong>orong>ds from Microsoft ong>Excelong> 2010 - 2000 tables. Search fong>orong> duplicates in one range ong>orong> compare two lists with different number of ong>columnsong>, choose any ong>columnsong> fong>orong> comparison.

Insert Multiple Rows and Columns Between Data in Excel (screenshot)

Insert Multiple Rows and Columns Between Data in Excel 3.0

Insert Multiple ong>Rowsong> and ong>Columnsong> is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft ong>Excelong> Add-In fong>orong> inserting multiple blank ong>rowsong> and ong>columnsong> between each row and each column, ong>orong> every x ong>rowsong> and every x ong>columnsong> in ong>Excelong>.

Aspose.Cells for .NET (screenshot)

Aspose.Cells for .NET

Aspose.Cells is a .NET component fong>orong> spreadsheet repong>orong>ting without using MS ong>Excelong>. It suppong>orong>ts encrypted ong>Excelong> file creation, Impong>orong>t ong>orong> expong>orong>t ong>Excelong> 2007 data & fong>orong>matting, CSV fong>orong>mat, VBA, convert a chart into image ong>orong> convert an ong>excelong> file to P

ExcelDiff (screenshot)


ong>Excelong>Diff is accessible software designed to compare ong>excelong> spreadsheets and ong>excelong> wong>orong>ksheets with some comprehensive steps. ong>Excelong>Diff effectively perfong>orong>ms cell by cell comparison of data and remove all kinds of duplicacy in data. Suppong>orong>ts Windows OS.

Blue Excel (screenshot)

Blue Excel 1.2

Blue ong>Excelong> is a powerful ong>Excelong> Addin. It provides tools to create ong>excelong> Gantt Chart. Merge multi cells content in to one cell. Update data accong>orong>ding the ID. Faster ways to access macro and frequently used commands.

Tables Transformer for Excel (screenshot)

Tables Transformer for Excel 1.1.4

This add-in fong>orong> ong>Excelong> 2000-2007 will allow you to fast and easy transfong>orong>m current tables to construct pivot ones, to divide one table into several ones ong>orong> to unite two tables in one