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DanceFractal Screensaver (screenshot)

DanceFractal Screensaver 1.9

This screensaver show animated abstract images from fractals
Smoothly varying animated fractals. Unusual forms, pleasant colors. Abstract
images can become a flower, a fantastic animal, a sphynx or to become a mosaic.

Assorted (screenshot)

Assorted 3.0

This screensaver shows animated smoothly varying abstract color images.Smoothly varying abstract images, abstract pictures. Casual abstract images combined from casual pictures of casual color.

Any Flash Screensaver Maker (screenshot)

Any Flash Screensaver Maker 2.10

Any Flash Screensaver Maker allows you to make your own screensavers from your favorite Macromedia Flash movies. You can make your own screensavers direct from your Flash .SWF files.

American Pictures Screensaver (screenshot)

American Pictures Screensaver 1.0

Views of USA... The slideshow screensaver shows: famous constructions and buildings of world-level,
american landscapes, state symbols, great sculptures, nature of America, panorama of american cities.
This screensaver includes 33 images.

Amaze (screenshot)

Amaze 6.0

Amaze displays your favorite set of images and Multimedia using random transition effects and many other options. Thumbnail support allows you to quickly select your desired images.

3D Transformers screensaver (screenshot)

3D Transformers screensaver 2.2

3D transformers screen saver is a very cool screen saving program.In this Screen Saver,over 50 cool transformers can transform themselves,enjoy!

Abstract-Pictures Screensaver (screenshot)

Abstract-Pictures Screensaver 1.7

Abstract pictures animated, abstract images, abstract flowers. Abstract animated a picture similar on Mandala. Selecting quantity of segments in the picture, changing algorithms and detailed elaboration of pictures.

Post-it Notes Screensaver (screenshot)

Post-it Notes Screensaver 1.0

Post-it Notes Screensaver. Add beautiful Post-It notes images to your desktop. The Post-It Notes Screensaver is a collection of 20 high quality photos of colorful Post-It notes designs.

3D_Points (screenshot)

3D_Points 3.9

An abstract 3D Aquarium. An abstract representation of underwater scenes with elements created with points. With great color and subtle animation that strangely makes it real.

3D_Ikebana Screensaver (screenshot)

3D_Ikebana Screensaver 4.9

If you love flowers, then 3D_Ikebana Screensaver has a unique combination of magical flowers with 3D animation. Get the most innovative way to relax yourself from stress.

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